Saturday, August 31, 2013

How to Bleach a Shirt: Method 2 (Hot Glue Gun and Spray Bleach)

This is the second post on DIY bleaching T-shirts. This method is not my favorite but it might work for some of you. I got overzealous with my bleaching one day and decided to use this method. It did not work out at all! Mainly because I over bleached.

Here are the four types I tried:

1) Spray Adhesive and Cardstock Template
2) Hot Glue Gun and Spray Bleach
3) Bleach Pen and Freezer Paper Template
4) Freezer Paper Template and Spray Bleach (THE BEST OPTION BY FAR!!)

What you will need for Method 2:

  • Hot glue gun (bigger the better)
  • T-Shirt
  • Bottle of spray bleach
  • cardboard 

This method is simple. Use the hot glue gun to make the design on the shirt you want. Then put the card board in the shirt to protect it. Then spray it with the bleach water. Afterwards, wash it in the sink then wash it on its own in the washing machine on a quick cycle. 

DO NOT OVER BLEACH!!!!! You will ruin the shirt! 

This is what happens when you over bleach! For colored shirts you do not want the outcome to be straight white like the picture below. The goal is to make the bleach parts become a lighter shade of the color of the shirt.

Let me know is this method works better for you! 

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