Monday, August 26, 2013

Turning Drab to Fab: Spray painting furniture

Welcome!! This is my first post ever!! So please bear with me as I learn how to properly post and blog.

What you need

  • Ugly Furniture
  • Spray Paint (both primer and various colors of your choice)
  • Sandpaper (lots, ranging from very coarse to very fine)
  • Power sander or a small hand sander 
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Painters Tape
  • Trash bags and/or plastic tarps 
  • Old clothes to wear while painting
  • Some good music and a pretty day! 

My mom bought this bedside table for me at a local consignment store (I will not even mention how much it was). Then I had the thought that I should paint it because it is way too ugly, not my style.

I have never taken on such a huge project before. So I started researching and I realized that I had to sand it down before I painted it. I was stupid and I hand sanded it! NEVER AGAIN!!

Anywho, look at my makeshift crafting station! (please ignore my dirty backyard, I tend to be messy when I craft.) And my doggie Scruffy took a moment to sniff around and take a picture!

(Note: The two janky looking benches on the left will be my next major project! We have had them for too long to not fix them!!)

Here is a closer picture of what it looks like sanded. 

I will always and forever more use primer spray paint. I used the Rust-oleum brand from Walmart. I think it was about $4 a can. Unfortunately I had to use all of both cans because I screwed up the first time. I sprayed it all at once. Thats a BIG no-no!! You should spray thin layers (maybe 3-4).

So the picture above and the one below are why you need some trash bags. I did not want the inside (where the drawer goes) and the back painted. So I used trash bags and painters tape to protect it. The back has the brand name and year. This piece was made in 1965 and it use to smell like an antique store.  :) 

This is what is looks like when you screw up. I had to spend a few hours stripping the paint enough to repaint it. 

Next, I spray painted the table Ocean Breezy Blue (Krylon brand). While waiting for my table to dry I painted other random awesome stuff (will blog about it later), and I had the thought that the two raised parts on the drawer would look awesome as another color. I just happened to have a Lime Green spray paint (also Krylon brand). So I taped off the parts I wanted to stay blue and I painted it green!!

YAY!! This is the final project!! It looks so much better!!! I love the green and blue together!! 

Also I bought a new knob at Lowe's for about $4. It doesn't match but I loved the knob so much I had to get it!! 

FINAL THOUGHT: Just know that your project is YOUR project! However you make it is beautiful! You are the artist, the crafty person, you can make your project unique. 

So tell me what yall think!! 

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